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Download Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 Latest Version

WhatsApp Gold 2023

Download Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 Latest Version Update June.

WhatsApp Gold (official site: is a mod version of the original WA app. Due to its gold theme and unlimited features, users often prefer WhatsApp Gold 2023 to the official WhatsApp. A MOD of WhatsApp should be on your top download list if you’re bored with your traditional WhatsApp.

Beneath, we provide a direct link to download WhatsApp Gold V18 and learn how to update WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold Download APK Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Gold New Version 2023 [Recommended]

It is suitable to use it with the official WhatsApp app with a different number.

Basic Info WhatsApp Gold APK

App NameWhatsApp Gold
App size53.8 MB
License TypeFreeware

Whats is WhatsApp Gold ?

WhatsApp Gold, an instant messaging and chat application, is the revised version of WhatsApp. Nasser, also known as Altornedo7, created it. Over ten WhatsApp Gold variants are available for Android. Besides being very secure, WhatsApp Gold has some wonderful features you can't find in the original WhatsApp, including the ability to view deleted messages and save media to your gallery. In a word, millions of WhatsApp users rely on WhatsApp Gold APK, a trusted mod that allows them to reach a lot more features than the original WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp Gold due to its numerous features that help people in their daily lives, whether through voice calls, chats, or video calls. Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, it has been made very easy to set up a personal account with the golden WhatsApp application. All you need is a phone number.

Why Choose Telecharger WhatsApp Gold?

The greatest boon of WhatsApp Gold is that it adds greater charm to WhatsApp. Customization is possible. It offers more theme options to users and even changes the whole UI. It is also simple for WhatsApp Gold to adjust the color of the text, buttons, and even graphics. If the above features are not enough for you to download this software, then the following features are enough for you to give it a thumbs up. A total of 700 themes are included in it. Aside from that, themes aren’t separate downloads. WhatsApp Gold will automatically download and arranges the themes organized. Other practical features beneath will tell you why WhatsApp Gold goes viral worldwide.

What Are The Features Of Whatsapp Gold Download Apk Latest Version 2023

Download telecharger WhatsApp Gold, it will allow you to enjoy several features that it has over the original app. WhatsApp Gold is also constantly being updated, here are the new features in Gold WhatsApp new update version 18:

1. Golden Themes

It’s time to change WhatsApp’s green UI. The golden themes feature allows you to choose a cool theme. Once you have Gold WhatsApp on your device, you can easily install it. With a single click, you can apply plenty of amazing themes. A new theme can be applied at any time.

2. Built-in Message Scheduler

Messages can be scheduled so you can send autoresponders if you are too busy to respond immediately. People who are unable to go online at a particular time can use the built-in message scheduler to send messages. Enjoy this new function by downloading the telecharger WhatsApp Gold.

3. Emoji Variant

WhatsApp Gold allows you to select emoji variants in addition to the built-in ones in your keyboard app. Find Gold Mods → Universal → Look and feel. Then you can change the emoji style, including Stock, Android 0 emoji, Emoji One v3, Facebook, and numerous further.

4. Reject Any WhatsApp Call

Whenever you do not want to receive telecharger WhatsApp Gold calls from people you do not wish to hear from, you can block them. By going to the profile of that contact, you can enable that feature. If a blocked call is made to you, the call is automatically dropped. Please use this feature cautiously since an urgent call or an emergency call could be involved. WhatsApp Gold also gives you different options for rejecting any call, including no internet, call declined, or not answered.

5. Share Large Videos and Photos at Once

You can only send 30 pictures at a time with WhatsApp, while downloading gold WhatsApp, you can send 90 photos with external apps with one click. What’s more, you can send videos up to 30 MB instead of 15 MB.

6. Hide Online Status

One of WhatsApp Gold’s most intriguing features is the ability to hide your online status. Download telecharger WhatsApp Gold, you can hide not only online status on sanctioned WhatsApp but last seen on sanctioned WhatsApp. Plus, WhatsApp Gold offers other features such as Freeze always online. So that you can always update your WhatsApp status. Controlling who has the right to know when you are online by simply going to settings → privacy.

7. React to Your Chats with Emoji

Not only can you post emoticons to express yourself vividly, but you can also reply to your emoticons with them. Click on the “+” icon, so you can send any emoji as reactions.

8. Bubbles Style

WhatsApp Gold to tweak things, making changes in the shape of Gold WhatsApp Messages. You can go to Mods → then tap on Conversation Screen → Bubble And Ticks → Bubbles style orderly.

9. Lock WhatsApp Gold

Normally, WhatsApp can only be locked from the outside. However, for more security, you can lock the entire app in WhatsApp Gold, lock and hide your specific conversations, and much more. It provides you options to lock your WhatsApp like Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN, etc.

10. Save View Once Media

WhatsApp’s view once images and videos cannot be downloaded by default because doing so would defeat the purpose of the function. It is simpler to download and view that specific image/video as many times as you like without any restrictions by using WhatsApp Gold.
WhatsApp Gold Download APK Latest Version

Other New Features Of Telecharger WhatsApp Gold 2022 :

Other New Features Of Telecharger WhatsApp Gold 2023 :

  • Customize User Interface. The font color, size, and size of your portal can all be customized. Everything can be changed according to the user’s preferences.
  • Make Calls to Non-Saved Numbers. Message or call a number directly without saving it in your phonebook.
  • Set Group Name up to 35 Characters. The group name is expanded from the original 25 characters to a total of 35 characters.
  • Blue Ticks. The blue ticks won’t see your contacts until you reply, so you don’t need to worry if you forget to reply to others.
  • Anti-Delete Messages. You can see the withdrawn messages of the other party.
  • Multiple Languages. Choose different languages from English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • Do Not Know the Receipt. Read all incoming messages by not placing a second blue marker next to the message without the sender knowing it is being read.

How to download WhatsApp Gold APK Latest Version 2023

Download WhatsApp Gold APK is as easy as ABC, simply go through the detailed steps below:

  1. Hit on the WhatsApp Gold “Download” button above.You need to make sure that your phone is very well stocked with content. Insufficient memory on your phone will definitely cause the installation to fail, so you need to be aware of this.
  2. Downloads from outside sources should be enabled. Activate the download from unknown sources in the phone’s settings → security.
  3. Visit your file manager → tap on the APK file → Click on Install. The installation process may take a few seconds. Please wait patiently.
  4. Click on the done finish button → then “Agree and Continue”.
  5. Activate your account by entering your phone number and activation code.
WhatsApp Gold Download APK Latest Version

FAQ About WhatsApp APK Latest Version

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1. Is It Safe to Use WhatsApp Gold?

We enjoy WhatsApp Gold for its incredible features. But Is WhatsApp Gold safe? Definitely Yes!

A bunch of download WhatsApp Gold websites on the search engine, remember not all of them are authentic or trusted. WhatsApp Gold is safe to use only when you download it from our trusted, ad-free, and hassle-free website.

2. How to Update WhatsApp Gold 2023 New Version?

The app isn’t available on the Play Store, so you will need to download the latest WhatsApp Gold APK from our website to gain the new version once the new update comes out.

3. Can I Download WhatsApp Gold for iPhone?

Currently, this version of WhatsApp Gold is only available for Android devices, so your iPhone won’t be able to use it.

4. Can I Simultaneously Use WhatsApp Gold and Official WhatsApp?

Yes. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single device. The official WhatsApp is also compatible with WhatsApp Gold. For WhatsApp MOD applications, the only requirement is that the official WhatsApp application is removed from the device before they are used. But that doesn’t make sense when it comes to WhatsApp Gold. Because it also works with standard WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Gold UPDATE

The latest version WhatsApp Gold new update 2023 is amazing, do you want to know its update history and download link?

WhatsApp Gold Download APK Latest Version

Final Verdict

Its customization features and increased security features have made WhatsApp Gold an increasingly popular app among users. While none of these features are essential, they are sure to adorn your WhatsApp Gold to make it more appealing and convenient for your usage habits, especially when you want it to look smarter.

The best way to download mods is from reliable sources, since some links may contain malware and adware. Leave your comment below to share your experience using WhatsApp Gold. Furthermore, WhatsApp Gold APK should always be downloaded to the most recent version so that all its features will be available to you. Let’s download WhatsApp Gold for Android and reveal more cool tricks!

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