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WhatsApp Plus Download Blue APK 2023 Latest Version Updated(Anti-Ban)-Official

WhatsApp Plus 2023

WhatsApp Plus Download APK Latest Version (Updated In Feb. 2023)V9.65 -Official Free Download Link(Anti-Ban)

WhatsApp Plus Download APK is one of the most popular mods for WhatsApp. And official WhatsApp is one of the most popular internet Apps in the world. You can hardly avoid it in your life. So The subject of this article is related to what WhatsApp Plus 2023 is, the features of WhatsApp Plus Download APK and how to safely and easily download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version. In addition, this article collects some of the issues that people are concerned about in relation to WhatsApp Plus. Hope it can give you a general understanding of WhatsApp Plus and clear up some of your doubts.

FM WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version
App NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Android Version5.0+
App size52.2MB
License TypeFreeware

Whats is WhatsApp Plus ?

WhatsApp Plus (ES official:, EN official: is a mod version of the original WA app. Some of the basic features that the official WhatsApp has, such as video, chatting and sharing files, are also present in the WhatsApp Plus latest version. Some of the limitations that exist in the official WhatsApp are not present in WhatsApp Plus APK. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp today. If you are tempted, click on the WhatsApp Plus download link below!

A brief introduction to the features of WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

Five new features of WhatsApp Plus Download APK

1. WhatsApp Plus Latest Version offers greater user customization rights

To block interruptions from malicious incoming calls, the developers have created a new feature called Caller ID.This feature identifies unfamiliar callers, including sales, sexual harassment, investment, loan, insurance and other fraudulent calls. This way we can stay away from those nuisance calls and spam text messages. Not only that, but the developers have also improved the speed of caller ID processing, as they don’t like to keep users waiting.

2. WhatsApp Plus APK offers more security and privacy

Do you always feel like you are being disrupted when utilizing the official WhatsApp? WhatsApp Plus APK is the perfect solution to this problem. With WhatsApp Plus APK, you can choose to hide your contacts or groups. No one will ever bother you again. This is a very cool feature, isn’t it? You become even more free.

3. WhatsApp Plus download 2023 adds more communication-friendly emojis

Emojis have become an essential component of internet expression. WhatsApp Plus latest version brings a more comprehensive range of emojis. No one can resist these cute little yellow beans. Users also have more options to choose from. If you’re an emoji addict, WhatsApp Plus’ emojis have you covered.

4. WhatsApp Plus is optimized for file transfer

WhatsApp Plus latest version has more powerful file transfer features. You can use it to transfer some files that the official WhatsApp cannot transfer. The length of video transfers has also been increased accordingly. Files of any type can be transferred. In addition, you can send videos of more than 30 seconds with blue WhatsApp Plus download APK. This means that file transfers are even less time-consuming. You no longer need to seek the help of other software.

5. WhatsApp Plus has a more convenient chat tool

Last but not least, the previous official WhatsApp couldn’t do auto-reply. Instead, WhatsApp Plus Latest Version adds this feature and it’s free. Career professionals should not miss this feature. It helps you to avoid missing out on text messages when you receive too many on holidays, or when you don’t feel comfortable replying to text messages in your daily life and at work. In short, it makes your work easier.
FM WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version

Other New Features Of WhatsApp Plus 2022

Other New Features Of WhatsApp Plus 2023 :

  • New call menu interface added
  • New auto-translator to automatically translate chat text
  • New quick share feature
  • Added anti-ban feature
  • Added the ability to ban others from retracting messages
  • Forwarded messages no longer come with a forwarding tag
  • Temporary messages are automatically destroyed after 90 days of sending
  • Status word limit increased to 255 characters
  • Fixed a bug in the previous version

The Steps to WhatsApp Plus latest version download

  1. Ensure that your phone has enough memory and is connected to a working internet connection.
  2. you will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp, but always remember to make a backup.
  3. Click on the official blue WhatsApp plus latest version download link below to download the WhatsApp Plus APK
  4. Find the installation package in your phone and click on it to install it

Do the above steps and you’re ready to start using the WhatsApp Plus blue!

FM WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version

FAQ About WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

1. Who invented WhatsApp Plus?

Rafalete, a Spanish developer, invented WhatsApp Plus (also known as WhatsApp+) in 2012, which is a new version of the official WhatsApp with many new features and not so many restrictions. The good news is that WhatsApp Plus is always free. No matter when you download it, it costs nothing. As the software has a blue icon, you can also see related words like WhatsApp Blue Plus on the internet.

2. Do I need to upgrade WhatsApp Plus Apk?

Generally speaking, there are three purposes for updating versions of software. The first is to fix previous bugs. The second is to add other new features to the software. And the third is to add new mobile devices that can be supported. Therefore we can decide if we need to upgrade depending on our purpose. Before upgrading, it is recommended that you read the changelog carefully. It is recommended that you read the changelog carefully to see if there is anything in the update that you need before making a decision. But WhatsApp Plus update will certainly bring more new features and greater privacy. If you have enough memory on your phone, updating to the latest version is definitely the best option.

3. How do I know if someone is using WhatsApp plus APK?

You can use the features of the official WhatsApp to tell if someone download WhatsApp Plus. If both parties in the chat are using the official WhatsApp, two blue ticks will appear under the chat bubble when your contact has read your message. And if someone replies to your message (proving that they have read your message), but there are no double blue ticks showing under the chat bubble. This allows you to infer that the other person is using a mod, such as WhatsApp plus.



The latest version WhatsApp Plus new update 2023 is amazing, do you want to know its update history and download link?

Fm WhatsApp Download Latest Official Link 2022

Final words

After reading this entire article, you will no doubt be familiar with the features of WhatsApp Plus and how to download WhatsApp Plus. The highlight of the WhatsApp Plus latest version is that it offers different features than WhatsApp. This makes more people choose it instead of the official WhatsApp. The best part is that all this is available for free. If you’re tempted by this app, then now is the perfect opportunity to try it out! click on the WhatsApp Plus download link below and give it a try.