Summary of WhatsApp’s official new fixes

These versions of FM GB YO Fouad WhatsApp are constantly being optimized to improve people’s experience, so its update iterations are also very fast.

This time, I will give you the latest content of each version in the summary: update content, repair content, and download the latest version.

fmwhatsapp download
fmwhatsapp download

Summary of updates and fixes

💢 What’s news in 9.30

🔸 Base updated to – Play Store
🔸 Send any emoji as reactions. Click “➕” icon
🔸 Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option 🛡
🔸 Added Call Rejection type options
🔸 Stealth mode for Calls ! → Show callers that you’re NOT connected to the internet .

💢 What’s news in 9.29

⚒ Google Play Store “harmful app” wrong alert

⭕️ What’s news in 9.27

⚒ Fixed Major problem that caused app to freeze
⚒ Fixed Major problem making app unusable

Misc Other fixes and improvements

⭕️ What’s news in 9.25

🔨 Added: Copy Caption feature for media (image/video)
-Select image/video > 3-dot > Copy Caption
🔸 Added: Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
🔸 Enable: Reactions feature (Long press any msg)
🔸 Enable: Pause and resume voice note recording
🔸 Enable: New Privacy Settings (contacts except) for Last Seen and Profile Photo
🔨 Fixed: False anti-virus/anti-malware reports
🔨 Fixed: Voice notes blue mic icon issue in home screen
🔨 Fixed: Video Call confirmation
🔨 Fixed: WA Bots Menu not clickable
🔨 Fixed: Mute indicator in WAMOD row style
🔨 Fixed: Translate messages shows copied message
☑️ Misc: Improved Anti-ban

♨️ EXCLUSIVE: “Save to Gallery” option when Media Visibility is turned off.

☑️ Enabled: New Contact Profile UI design
☑️ Enabled: Disappearing messages more options (24hrs, 7 days, 90 days)
🔸 Added: Status View Toast (FMMods > Home Screen)
K now immediately when people watch your status

🔸 Re-Added: In-App Translation
🔸 Added: Option to switch translation mode between in-app or GTranslate app (FMMods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
🔸 Added: Show total message count in View All Messages screen
🔸 Added: Buttons to scroll to bottom (newest) and top (oldest) message in in View All Messages s creen
🔸 Added: Clear Backup option now delete all old backups data. More space saving. (FMMods > Universal > Backup And Restore > Clear)

Notice : This version is only for Android 5.0+!

App info and latest downloads


Minimum OS5.0 and above
Size 52.2 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Download


FMWhatsApp Download APK >> Latest Official App. 

You can customize the interface and chat screen, and watch your friends’ deleted messages incognito.>> click to read >>


Minimum OS5.0 and above
Size52.2 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Download


Download GB WhatsApp APK >>2022(Latest Version)

GBWhatsApp is the earliest mod of WhatsApp that’s typically updated up until today. It’s one more impressively customized version of WhatsApp GBWhatsApp can be like FMWhatsApp, but it has lots of boosted functions. >> click to read >>


Minimum OS5.0 and above
Size52.2 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Download


Yowhatsapp download >>2022 latest version.

The latest version of yowhatsapp, yowhatsapp2022, yowhatsapp download, are all here. YOWhatsApp is built on the basis of the official version, and has added a lot of cool functions on the basis of the original version, which is very suitable for us to use.>> click to read >>


Minimum OS5.0 and above
Size52.2 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Download

Fouadwhatsapp status download

Fouadhatsapp 2022 latest version download.

Fouad WhatsApp Apk is based on YoWhatsapp. Therefore, you will see many features like YoWhatsapp. It also comes with Emoji Variant and without Emoji Variant. So according to your needs download the APK file. >> click to read >>