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GBWhatsApp official latest version update instructions

GB WhatsApp 2023

The latest version of GBWhatsApp offers many such special and unique features, but this is a modified version and not officially recommended.

However, you can use GB WhatsApp on your device with a temporary number, as it may result in your account being permanently banned by the authorities. But it’s fair to use GBWhatsApp for now.

gb whatsapp plus

GBWhatsApp V9.30 Update Information

  • Exclusive Added Call Rejection type options
  • Exclusive Double Tap to Like a msg!
  1. Enable Privacy “my contacts except…” feature
  2. Enable Send any emoji as reactions. Click “+” icon
  3. Enable Listen to voice note after chat exit in background
  4. Added “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option for Call rejection type
  5. Added “Direct Contact Link” option for chats (Chat > 3-dots).
  6. — Allows you to share any whatsapp contact quickly, without sending your saved details
  7. Added Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option (FMMods > Home Screen)
  8. Added “Chat Backup” option to crash page
  9. Added more in-chat translate languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, “Bengali”
  10. Added Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
  • Misc GBThemes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location
  • Misc GBThemes folder moved to /Download/GBThemes
  • Misc Now can be installed on top of other mods directly.
  • Improved Start moving to WA new folder location
  • Improved GBMods settings Translation
  • Misc Improved Anti-ban
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

IMP Note:

Reactions to message will mark as read (if hide blue tick is enabled). No need to reply after to make blue tick!.

Misc Many other fixes and improvements

V9.30 update and fix

  • ☑️ [Fixed] Group privacy not in group settings
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Hidden chat show in search
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Copy Caption for media
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Normal backup at 2am
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Auto Reply page random crash on some phones
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Select status video random crash
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Fingerprint lock settings issues
  • ☑️ [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
  • ☑️ [Improved] Double Tap to Like
  • ☑️ [Updated] Hebrew and other translations
  • ☑️ [Misc] Other fixes

GBWhatsApp Exclusive Features

The latest version of GBWhatsApp has a lot of functions. I have already explained the V9.30 version. Next, I will explain other cool functions of GBWhatsApp.

Multimedia sharing improvements

When we talk about the multimedia features of the official app, we have a lot of problems, such as our inability to send larger sizes of video and audio.

We can neither open the received video on our external video player nor share a lengthy video and more images at once. But in GB WhatsApp we can send more than 10 images at a time in original quality.

In gb whatsapp download 2022 new version APK latest version, people can share 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds status video.

For audio files, we can share files up to 100 MB and video files up to 50 MB at the same time. All these features are only available in GBWhatsApp. These functions are very useful in daily life.

Hide your online status

This hidden feature is not available in the official version. Today, we need more privacy than in the past. But official WA cannot provide us with privacy options like GBWhatsApp. Here we can do a lot in terms of hiding (GBWhatsApp privacy feature).

We can hide the double tick and hide our online status so we stay private. We can do more things like hide our writing status, hide our recording status, hide reading message status, etc. The official app doesn’t offer all these great features, which is why GB WhatsApp is a great option.

Freeze last state

Last Status is an activity that shows your last active status on WhatsApp. When you’re online, it shows the last message you saw on WhatsApp.

But in this day and age, many people don’t want to know the last time they saw someone else. So they want to freeze the last seen state. So use GBWhatsapp APK to freeze the last seen content and show the old content they saw when they were online last week.

Lock your WhatsApp

This feature is very useful to protect your WhatsApp. With this feature, you can lock your WhatsApp with a security code. Set a password to open your GBWhatsapp. Additionally, you can lock your private chats with a secure password.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode is useful when you don’t want to receive any voice or video calls on WhatsApp. It will not answer any calls on WhatsApp even if your internet connection is active. Just turn on this feature and do other work on the Internet.


All in all, the new version of GBWhatsApp is an interesting version, if you want to know more information, you can click the homepage to view it.

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